Monday, 9 February 2015

Urban Decay : Eye Pencils

Mugshot // Vacancy // Stargazer // Voodoo // Moonspoon // Perversion // Glitter Rock // Smokeout // Black Velvet // Gonzo // Faint

Urban Decay is known for it's amazing eye pencils, and recently this little liner set came into my makeup collection, which includes 10 creamy, waterproof glide-on eye pencils, including the blackest-than-black shade, Perversion. I've also included Black Velvet which I purchased a while ago but thought I would add it in to share my whole eye pencil collection. My most used shades are Smokeout when I don't want such a harsh eyeliner and with a bit of blending mimics it's name, with a smoked out liner. Voodoo is a bright metallic purple, which I love to use to add a bit of colour to the eyes. Of course, Perversion for the intense black eyeliner. The pencil's are so long-lasting and perfect for any eye look.

Lot's of love,

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