Monday, 30 June 2014

Getting Ready For Summer.

Here's a few things that makes getting ready for summer a little easier.

  • The first thing to know is preparing the skin is key. I use the Mandara Spa Intensive Body Scrub which I picked up at Sainsbury's. I use this in the shower to exfoliate my skin, it gets rid of all the dead skin cells ready for silky smooth legs. As the sun is out a little more it's important to keep the skin hydrated. Even using a light moisturiser all over the body instantly makes the skin look healthier.  I use The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. Also a hydrating mask will keep the face healthy and radiant for the warmer months. I have been loving Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask to quench the skin's thirst.
  • Summer sunburn is not a good look so make sure you're protected with SPF, using a foundation with SPF already in will help protect your face from those nasty UV rays. I tend to use Garnier Summer Body Self Tan Moisturiser just to add some colour to my skin and build a gradual tan ready for the sun.
  • Now for makeup. Going for a bright lipstick, will instantly give your make up a pop whether it be pink, red or orange. In the summer I tend to keep my make up simple with just a bit more colour on the eyes or lips.
  • For the hair, braids are perfect for no heat hairstyles, as your hair is already being damaged by the sun you don't want to put any extra unnecessary heat in your hair. It will cause your hair to get very dry throughout summer. Also summer is a good chance to enhance your natural hair, and to give it a break from the heat. 
  • Next is nails, this is the time to give yourself a pretty pedicure. Start with cleaning and filing the nails, then pop a colour on, either something pastel, a pink or coral are perfect for summer. Don't forget some cuticle oil, to restore moisture to the nails and cuticles.
  • Last thing is to keep them lips moisturised no one likes chapped lips. Lush lip Scrub is fab, it's just sugar and oil that you rub on your lips, which you can then eat after. Finally just don't forget to moisturise, EOS lip balms are so handy and they smell beautiful. 
  • Don't forget to drink plenty of water, you want to keep your body hydrated as well as your skin.

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