Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

If you asked me what product I could not live without, it would be Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.
If you've never used this before the first thing to know is it's not actually a cream but a multi purpose balm and can be used for just about anything. 
The most common use is as a lip balm and I normally just apply this as I start my make up to keep my lips moisturised, and then I just apply when I need to throughout the day. Another use is to dab a few dots along the cheekbone and brow bone as a highlighter, this will give off a natural glow to your makeup, for that flawless finish. 
If you want incredible silky soft skin then apply a thin layer to your face, which will act as an overnight mask, this will leave you with a perfect base for applying make up. I also generally dab a little on spots to keep them moisturised when they're drying out. I also find it helps to occasionally put a little on my eyebrows and eyelashes overnight for a little conditioning. It can even be used to soften rough, dry cuticles to keep them smooth and beautifully manicured. Other uses include; underneath the eyes as an eye cream, an after sun soother to relieve minor sun burns and on any cuts and burns to calm irritation and reduce redness.  
I pretty much use this every single day, it's an essential item in my make up bag.
I would highly recommend this product to everyone. I honestly can’t live without it.

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