Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Favourite Reads.

I find myself always reading something, whether it be a blog, twitter or a magazine. Here's a few recommendations below.


I'm constantly on bloglovin just reading though all my favourite blogs, its other blogs that give me inspiration to write my own. Beauty and fashion are my go to blog posts but I do enjoy the odd food and home post. Some current blogs I'm liking are gh0stparties, viviannadoesmakeup and shirleyswardrobe.


Twitter and Instagram are my most visited websites, I'm afraid to say I do check them both many times a day. Little obsessed. In social I will include a few shopping websites as I do tend to browse quite a lot and purchase very often, probably my most viewed are John Lewis, H&M and Topshop.


Well would you call this reading? There's not that much to read on tumblr, but its still one of my recommendations as it is the holy grail of inspiration. If ever I have spare time and I'm doing absolutely nothing i'll spend some time on tumblr just scrolling through pictures.


I wish I was joking, but I do like to have a good read daily. I tend to go straight to the showbiz section and then the news section. 


Blogs have taken over magazines for me, but occasionally I will pick up a magazine or too normally when I'm travelling or going on a long journey. Mostly depending who's on the cover, either Elle, Marie Claire or Cosmo.

Any recommendations? What do you like reading?

Lots of love,

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