Friday, 15 August 2014

"How did you lose so much weight?"

So over the past year I've lost some weight and toned up. Many of my friends and family are always asking me how I did it, what did I do and do I have any tips? So I thought I would put this together to share with everyone, and it comes down to this really...

Number one. Consistency and dedication are key. Most people always ask me "when will I see results?" It takes time to see muscle definition as it takes time to burn the unwanted fat so don't expect to see a massive change in a few weeks. 

Number two.  Be prepared to be dedicated, if you want results and you want something changing then its up to you to take the time to put in the work. Make the time in your day to fit in a workout even if it's only short, any workout is better than none.

Number three. Drinking water daily is very important. Drinking water will increase energy, flush out toxins and help the fat breakdown. Water will also improve skin complexion this is because when the skin is hydrated it creates a healthier look. I swapped fizzy drinks to drinking a bottle of water every day, as of course water has zero calories.

Number four. Wearing the right clothes can help but by all means don't go out and buy all the fanciest gear, probably the most important things you need to start with are a pair of trainers with good support and a sports bra. Wearing the right things will mainly help with support but it is also nice to look good, especially if you're going to a gym. I purchased a Nike Dri-Fit vest top and leggings a while ago now, and they really are worth the twenty something pound each. The fabric wicks away the sweat keeping you dry and comfortable.

Number five. Equipment. You don't always need to join a gym and I managed to lose weight and tone up by just exercising at home. I use dumbbells and a medicine ball in every workout I do, as these I think are beneficial to use in most exercises. I'm lucky enough that my dad has an elliptical machine, so sometimes I will do twenty minutes of cardio once or twice a week.

Number six. Create a routine. If you're consistent when working out it will make it much easier to actually do the exercise. Regardless of what time or day you workout, it's important to keep it consistent, because consistency will actually make you feel better in the long run.

Number seven. Focus. I would recommend by starting to focus on the overall body and then focusing on any 'problem areas', as you will probably notice some small changes just by working the overall body. My workouts mainly include core exercises as this was the area I wanted to work on. I've started to include arm exercises too as I this is my 'problem area', so instead of me constantly moaning about my arms I might as well do something about it. Of course squats are always included. Normally this will take me around 45minutes.

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