Sunday, 14 September 2014

Handbag Essentials.

What's in my bag posts are without doubt my favourite as I'm just very nosey. So when a new addition comes along I thought it's only right to share a peek inside with you.
I usually carry around a bag this size, recently it's been this Celine bag. It's always handy as it fit's my daily life in, it's durable and plus it's my favourite colour. Of course I always have my purse with me, my purse is by Mulberry and it's in this beautiful tan colour, very simple.
I've started to carry a notebook and pen around with me everywhere I go now, mostly for blog ideas and sometimes to doodle. Although it's not in the image above I also carry around my Ray-Ban Aviators. 
I always take my iPhone 5, my earphones, my keys and my diary. My diary always comes in handy, as sometimes I can be a little forgetful, this just helps me organise my life. I won't walk anywhere without putting some music on, currently I'm really into Ariana Grande, Jhen√© Aiko, Ben Howard and Beyonc√©. 
I carry around a few beauty essentials its normally what's on my lips that day, and then rosy lips Vaseline and a Chanel lip gloss in 179.

What do you think of my essentials?
Lot's of love,

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