Friday, 19 September 2014

Top iPhone Apps.

I'm pretty much always glued to my phone and it's probably because I have so many good apps.
Polagram is an app that allows you to print photos directly from your phone, you can choose from normal square frames or a polaroid frame. You can also make a phone case, i chose this picture of my dog for my phone case and absolutely adore it.
Instagram is an app I think most people know where you can share photos and videos. I check it daily, as I love being nosey and seeing everyones photo's but also sharing my own.
Twitter, again I'm just so nosey. I like to share my thoughts and ideas on twitter and its great way to share with your friends. Do I have so say more?
Bloglovin. The place to follow all my favourite bloggers and being up to date with blog posts. I enjoy finding new blogs to read and not just fashion and beauty, I've currently been reading home and food posts.

Lot's of love,

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