Thursday, 11 September 2014

MAC Haul

So this post is a bit overdue as these are not recent purchases anymore but here it is anyway. Here's a few bits from MAC as I recently had a bit of a splurge and bought a few things on my wish list. First was a lipstick in Patisserie which is showing as pink in the image but is actually more of a nude with a slight pink tone and I've probably worn every day since. Next is a mineralize skin finish in Global Glow, it is absolutely stunning. It's a velvet powder with a metallic finish perfect for highlighting and creating that bronzed glowing look. Some essentials include a duo sharpener and brush cleanser.
I've wanted to experiment with colour on my eyes, so as a small step I purchased a eye liner in Prunella which is shimmering black plum, maybe i'll try a blue or a purple next. The last thing is Opulash Optimum Black Mascara, I've wanted to try a new mascara for a while as I was purchasing a few things from MAC, I decided to give one a try. After reading some reviews this one seemed like a good choice, it say's it will last for 15 hours!

Any good recommendations from MAC?
Lots of love,

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