Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Top 6 Brushes.

These are some of my brushes that I use daily which I thought I would share with you all. The top two brushes are from Real Techniques, the first is a blush brush and the second a powder brush. I actually use the blush brush for bronzer as I don't really wear blush that much and the powder brush I  actually do use for powder. It applies the powder really easily, as it is quite large which is great for powdering all over the face.
The next two brushes are from MAC and are both eye brushes. First is a blending brush which I think everyone on the blogging world has. It is indeed the 217, it's just great for blending as its quite fluffy yet it's tapered which is good for applying shadow on the lid. The 219 is the newest brush in my collection, it's a pencil brush that works well for precision and smudging out eyeshadow along the lash line. Next we have a beauty blender, I actually got this from amazon, and I have been using this daily for my foundation and concealer. It leaves my skin with a flawless finish, and I've had many compliments may I just add. The best way to use a beauty blender is damp, all you have to do is squeeze under the tap a few times. Lastly is the lash-brow groomer by Real Techniques, I use this mainly to separate my lashes after I've applied mascara.

These are my favourite brushes, what are yours? 
Lots of love,

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